Staple is one of the most iconic streetwear fashion companies influencing the influencers for over 20 years and still going strong. This company has garnered a cult following, known for quality, authenticity as well as exceptionally made streetwear that speaks to life in any city from around the world.

Staple has become world-renowned yet remains true to where it came from: the passion, the art, the music, and the beauty of design found in the innovation expressed from the diverse cultures of the world. Originally a representation of NYC, the home city of Staple's founder, jeff staples, the symbolism of the pigeon is many and varied. Ultimately, however, Staple chose the pigeon to stand for the gritty, never-ending energy New Yorkers and all city dwellers possess. As well as that, the pigeon survives in some of the most extreme conditions, as we humans do. A pigeon can fly anywhere in the world, but they choose to live in the city. That hustle and spirit are why we identify with the humble pigeon. It's become a signature of street elegance and authentic design from country to country.

Encompassing the landscapes of street culture, design, fashion, music, sports, and art all together has been our passion for Staple clothing from the very beginning. We are proud of our two decades of bringing you the most iconic and innovative streetwear, and our drops will always be the hottest and most unique. Carefully made and elegantly tailored with premium fabrics made to last, our line will soon become one of the grails in your closet.

There's no denying Staple has become an integral pillar in streetwear culture from the sneakerhead to the streetwear fashion world. We've collaborated with and inspired some of the most elite brands in existence while blossoming into a household name as well.

There's something for every single city dweller, no matter where you live or who you are in our exclusively curated designs. When you flock together as a pigeon, you are stronger, more vibrant, surviving the harshest environments. Flock with us, whether you're from NYC or Tokyo. Let your self-expression fly free with Staple.