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Birds of a feather will flock together, and together the flock is strong. When we think of New York City or cities across the world, we think of the power, the artistry and the groundbreaking creativity found surviving in every single street. The pigeon is a symbol of that power, arising into the sky. Created by jeffstaple over 20 years ago, he started by wearing one of his hand-made shirts printed in silkscreen class and went on to construct one of the most world-renowned streetwear labels going strong today: Staple Pigeon.

Invigorating design that is always evolving, our Staple tops are vibrant and bold yet elegant all at once. We use the best quality materials and fabrics for the best comfort and style with the hottest cultural trends in fashion made unique. The polo shirt has long been considered a tennis staple, but influential subculture re-adopted it and we've transformed it to reflect complex cultural history. Trends are ever-changing and evolving and so are we. Design is a societal implication and we continue to carry a positive social contagion with every drop.

Shirts aren't just an impression. They're a statement, a testament to who you are and what you want to express. Staple tops have been voicing the sound of the inner soul at high quality for over two decades and are still going strong. Cutting edge tailoring and one-of-a-kind patterns paired with bold design have been defining generations since 1997.

We combine the right cuts, fabrics, and combinations for all your style possibilities to represent you. If you order over $100 in exclusive merchandise shipping on all U.S. domestic orders is free! These aren't just clothes: they are your self-expression and freedom to tell your story. Make it a strong impression that lasts with a brand that made national news and history with our Staple tops.

Together, the flock is strong. Flock with us no matter which city or town you call home. Mirror the power, the artistry, and the ground-breaking creativity of your soul with luxury at its finest.