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Staple Pigeon started with a shirt printed in silkscreen class in 1997, created history in 2005, and is still dropping style like no other. We turn the world’s eye to NYC streets that never sleep representing the soul of the city head to toe. We have two decades of representing an elevated reflection of the big city’s hustle creatively, collaboratively, and authentically. Diversity is in every corner of a city that never sleeps. Capturing a gritty, realness that echoes what it’s like to dream out here on the concrete is the essence of Staple Pigeon. Evoking the pulse beneath the concrete veins and bringing it to life has been a two-decade passion project in constant construction from jeffstaple.

Streetwear is evolving. These clothing lines have become part of our culture. Apparel like this is made to last, we throw that back in every piece of our clothing line we design. Impeccable taste mixed with works of art that you can see, feel and move in comfortably. Luxury doesn’t have a single category; art doesn’t fit a niche and neither do you. Your clothes become a testament to who you are and your kicks too.

We made history with sneakers in 2005 and continue to create unforgettable everyday sneaker apparel. Not all streetwear is created equal, nor is it always authentic. We take the creative style of city life’s wild, exciting nature and make it wearable, attainable and unmatched. This style won’t be found in other big brand stores.

From snapbacks to sneaker apparel with the most distinctive materials and vibrant colors, we’ve been bringing the freshest couture designs for the sneaker and streetwear world. Elegance in the unexpected is what the city and our streetwear mirror. A world-renowned brand for a very visible reason, we exist not only as a representation of life in New York but life and the extensive street culture across the entire world.