Staple x Yeenjoy Incense Holder

$ 350.00

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 Designed with Jeff Staple, a glistening porcelain figure of a pigeon is featured. Dubbed “Scripture of Flying Pigeon,” the piece is inspired by Staple’s iconic pigeon motif. Detailing two large pinions and feathers throughout the body, blue and white glaze cover the bird, hand painted by craftsman from Jingdezhen — a city in China known for its traditions in ceramic wares.

The insertion hole, with its cork plug, and small smoke holes are placed around the body. Inscribed at its feet are the words “COLUMBIDAE VERITAS” next to Chinese characters that translate to “Scripture of Flying Pigeon” while the storage chamber lies below them. As pigeons were used as a significant mode of communication in ancient China, the figure is a reflection of the bridge between contemporary culture in the West and the traditions of old China — limited to 200 pieces.