Staple x LinearFlux LithiumCard

$ 52.00

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This limited edition Staple x LinearFlux Lithium Card HyperCharger is one of the fastest, and most stylish, portable chargers in today’s market. This collaboration features Staple custom camouflage and branding, along with a custom carry case. This lithium HyperCharger has all the cables you need, generates the power of a wall charger, and at only 5 credit cards thick, will fit in most wallets. The exclusive HyperFET drive technology delivers up to 2 Amps of fast and safe energy back into your smartphone or electronic device. Without using adhesives, NanoStik technology also keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device while charging.

The Staple x LinearFlux LithiumCard has an Apple Lightning connector for your iPhone 6/6Plus/5C/5S/5. It is packaged in a custom magnetic sealed box and comes with a Staple-branded nylon zip carry case that can hook onto a belt loop or strap. 

Measurements: 85.60mm x 53.98mm x 5.5mm

About LinearFlux

LinearFlux is a team that consists of over 30 years experience in the consumer electronics industry. They are focused in pioneering products that incorporate the needs of today’s lifestyle. The philosophy of “Connecting Simplified,” is how LinearFlux approaches the development of all their products.