STAPLE X Crocs Homing Pigeon All Terrain Clog

$ 75.00

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The new release introduces the Homing Pigeon All-Terrain Clog, which pays homage to these high fliers with a mesh netting pocket on the vamp and a rugged outsole designed to withstand long treks through the urban jungle.

The limited-edition STAPLE X Crocs design takes Crocs’ iconic All-Terrain Clog to a new level, embodying a New York state of mind with one-of-a-kind Jibbitz™ charms inspired by the trinkets that the city's most skilled treasure hunter, the great Homing Pigeon, discovers.

Coordinates set. Sport mode-locked. The all-new STAPLE x Crocs Homing Pigeon All-Terrain Clog features a treasure trove of shiny Jibbitz™ charms which reimagine the gritty realness of New York through a condom wrapper, soda can top, NYC sewer cover, earring, lighter, safety pin, and STAPLE's signature pigeon.

Available in Men's size 4-13, no half sizes.