Staple x Oakley Frogskins 35th Anniv Przm Volt

$ 193.00

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While looking at a vintage Frogskins ad with the brand’s original logo, inspiration struck jeffstaple. In celebration of Frogskins’ 35th anniversary, Jeffstaple and Oakley team up again to bring the ROYGBIV Spectrum Collection - 4 Frog styles in different colors of the ROYGBIV spectrum, all etched with a Pigeon in the upper corner of the left lens, complete with a colored “croakie” style strap.

Frogskins™ 35th Anniversary details:

  • Original Frogskins silhouette featuring a metal hinge to tribute to the original edition.
  • Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight O Matter™ frame material
  • Adorned with a special “frog hand” metal hinge with triangle and pentagon deco representing the number 35.
  • Prizm™ lenses are designed to enhance color, contrast and detail