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Staple Pigeon Logo Clothing

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It was 1997 when Jeffstaple walked into a store with his printed shirt and walked out with 12 orders, beginning over two decades of an influential impression on the world of streetwear. The 2005 riotous release of his designed sneakers solidified that influence and marked the moment when streetwear fashion went from niche NYC appearances to world-wide culture.

The pigeon logo became world-renown, involving celebrities, influencers, up-and-coming stars, hip hop music, and artists alike. Not just on the streets of cities anymore, our Staple Pigeon logo clothing has swept across the entire globe, capturing the spirit, diversity, and freedom of design for twenty years and is still going strong.

Pigeon logo clothing has become a holy grail for some of the most iconic moments as well as names in history. Culture is in every single high-quality material, fabric and innovative tailoring we use in our iconic clothing lines.

One of our signature collections featuring the timeless hoodie in 100% cotton loopback comes in a various array of vivid, living colors and hot patterns for literally every season. We carry on the original visionary ideals and creations of one of the most encompassing graphic designers showcasing the landscapes of fashion, music, sports, and art together. It's not just clothing, it's a lifestyle—it's a positive social contagion that continues to grow and touch each generation of emerging artists of all kinds all over.

Melding the different aspects of function, comfort, luxury, elegance, and style in equal measures isn't easy, but Pigeon logo clothing not only manages it but perfects it each time. No matter where you're going or what revolution you're about to start, it's time to flock together with fellow pigeons. Together, we're stronger, brighter, and more vivid than ever.

Staple Pigeon logo clothing is the ultimate in streetwear made for the expressive soul. If you order more than $100 in the U.S. you'll receive free shipping, allowing you to add to your growing collection of one of the most iconic, affordable, and premium brands that have existed.

Cop the absolute hottest in trend, style, and expression with hard-wearing, long-lasting, groundbreaking Staple Pigeon.