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Staple Pigeon X Nike Streetwear

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Name a more iconic duo than Staple Pigeon and Nike. We'll wait.

History-making in its finest form happened in 2005 when Nike and Staple released their iconic collaboration and now continues that tradition on a positive social contagion going strong. More than footwear, the Nike streetwear collaboration is a journey of a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. It's a celebration of the original Pigeon-inspired theme by Nike that's evolved as well as revolutionized streetwear for over 15 years around the world.

City life, streets, influences, and expressionism has long been the heartbeat in every pigeon branded collaboration. Collections of Nike shoes for men, women, and kids have always captured this essence in distinct, unique graphics exclusive to the signature Pigeon. Nike shoes and the Pigeon teamed up to not only create a design that would become and remain iconic but become the number one innovative fashion pairings for decades and onward.

The Swoosh and The Pigeon have been powerhouses of comfort, leisure, style and streetwear side by side for a long time. Hand in hand to present timeless style through the years, Nike and Staple have been coveted by influencers, hip hop music stars, artists, and creatives for generations.

Our exclusive collection curated for you allows your true nature to flourish. Pigeons when together and part of a flock can be a powerful movement. The Nike streetwear and Pigeon collab is a moment of power, self-expression, and art nurtured. Always on vibe with the times and never out of date these leisure-luxury unique products were made for long-lasting, durable streetwear that makes the ultimate in sophisticated-casual wear. Cop these while they're available as they're going fast. If you order over $100, U.S. domestic shipping becomes free.

Nike streetwear x Pigeon made history and continues to do so. A celebration of life from every city in every corner of the planet, representative of the unique culture, art, and music that comes from that everyday life. Wear a part of that history while you make it with Nike clothing exclusively Pigeon marked.