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Puma X Staple Jacket

$ 180.00


PUMA, alongside jeffstaple and his creative team at Staple Design, developed the NTRVL COLLECTION of footwear, apparel, and accessories to move you throughout the day seamlessly.

Forever smarter.


Every person will go through different phases & intervals in their lifetime.

Times of trial. Times of tribulation. Times of victory, Times of defeat.

How we transition from one interval to another is what makes us human. This boils down to the intervals experienced throughout every minute of everyday.

A time for work. A time for play.
A time for family. A time for self.

The formal suit jacket, reborn for NTRVL. This adaptive design elevates funktional fashion with a premium knit fabric, perforated panels and a classic polka dot print remixed with reflective details. Meanwhile, pink lining connects this piece to the OG Staple design language.