30 Mins w/ @_websterX & Drops "Lost Ones Freestyle"

Posted on December 21 2016

30 Mins w/ @_websterX & Drops "Lost Ones Freestyle"

#NoCeilings Alum @_websterx is back at it again. He’s dropping an exclusive track called “Lost Ones Freestyle”, and he gave us a little insight into the inspiration of the song.

Staple Pigeon: Is there a story you’re telling or a vibe you seek to create?

Webster X: Yes. If you were to read my bio or look at most of my videos you might find the vibe to be geared toward overtly positive, find your light type stuff, but it’s also super break the rules and be your own boss. You can create a platform for yourself and others too. It’s the path of madness and light at the same time.

SP: What do you seek to communicate through your music?

WX: As for the story that I’m telling with my music, in 2014 when I released that Desperate Youth song and it was doing well locally, I was playing all of these music festivals but then I hit a slump. It was my junior year of college and I said “I don’t need to do this anymore”. With my parents being Ethiopian and wanting the best for me, it was definitely a tug of war and I decided to suck it up and just do it. I sunk into a depression. So that’s kind of the story, it’s about pulling yourself up out of a depression and moving forward toward the light.

SP: What is the inspiration behind “Lost Ones Freestyle”

WX: It was originally supposed to be for my debut album, the producer Q the Sun made the track and emailed it to me. He told me the production was inspired by The Pixies "Where Is My Mind" and to watch Fight Club if I hadn't seen it yet.  I watched it and was blown away I wrote an entire song after that, but it didn’t feel right initially.

So a few months passed by, and as i'm listening to my album the instrumental started playing randomly in my headphones. I heard it and was like, "yo, i need to make this a f-cking song".So I did and told myself, instead of sticking to the album's concept, I could let loose for a song and address modern day society, my most recent trip to LA etc as put it out as a "loosie".  

It's out now, i'm happy. If it feels right go with it, but never put something out if it's not up to your own standards, we ain't settling."

Photo Credit : @_westonrich

You can hear Lost Ones Freestyle by WebsterX below 

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