#GirlsInStaple: Tianna Gregory 1-2-1 Interview @ReedSpace

Posted on June 24 2016

#GirlsInStaple: Tianna Gregory 1-2-1 Interview @ReedSpace

A couple of weeks ago, Staple Pigeon founder, jeffstaple, invited popular model and fitness personality Tianna Gregory to his Lower East Side boutique. In addition to witnessing a live 1-2-1 interview which offered her fans a unique opportunity to learn more about what makes Tianna tick, photos by photographer @martin_depict were on view and limited t shirts and prints featuring the sultry woman were available for purchase. In her first interview, Tianna revealed her early passion for sports and fitness, her dope bond with her dogs, how she overcame obstacles to build a successful career in a highly saturated field and tips for aspiring models and photographers hoping to achieve the same amount of recognition that she has. And of course, she graciously snapchatted with her admiring audience, took photos, and signed the arms, tees and photos of adoring fans. Check out our recap video shot and edited by Jeff Stashbox as well as some of the photos he took during the event!

RECAP: jeffstaple 1-2-1 featuring tiannag // meet & greet from jeffstashbox on Vimeo.



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