Posted on April 27 2015

Our Staple Summer 2015 collection features bright, bold design with familiar silhouettes that we're known for. The collection is inspired by art, sports, and early 90's culture - using unique graphics and patterns on various athletic styles. Highlights include The Overdrive Tee, Acrylic Pieced Tee, and Paradiso Tanktop 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary release of the Nike NYC Pigeon Dunk that left a lasting impression on the sneaker world. To celebrate the release and the ruckus it created, we will release a small limited ‘Pigeon Riot’ collection of all-over print shirts, shorts and hats. “Riot” and “Sneaker Frenzy” tag lines used by the New York Post covers many of the silhouettes commemorating this historic moment in sneaker culture and is coupled with Jeff’s schematic sketches and inspiration for the pigeon dunk. With this insight and homage to our customers DNA we hope to educate and highlight the strength of our brand and culture.
The Staple Summer 2015 Collection is now available at retailers worldwide, as well as our web-store.   staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-01-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-03-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-04-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-05-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-06-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-07-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-09-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-10-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-12-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-13-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-14-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-17-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-20-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-21-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-22-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-23-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-26-960x640 staple-summer-2015-euphoria-lookbook-27-960x640 Photography by, Ja Tecson  - @jatecson    

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