1-2-1 W/JEFFSTAPLE FT. Kool Keith

Posted on January 23 2015

Back in October, we flew the coop down to Atlanta for the annual hip-hop festival known as A3C, where jeff was presented with the opportunity to interview hip-hop legend Kool Keith. The entire audience was captivated by the 90’s icon and his insight on what it was like living and working through the “golden era” of hip-hop. Throughout the interview, Keith explains the inspiration behind his sound and why he didn’t follow the popular trends of rapping about the streets and the struggle. “I didn’t have to tell a story about the streets because I grew up in the projects…We live in this already, why keep talking about something that everybody’s going through?” It was Keith’s ability to stay true to himself and his music, that made him such an inspiration for creative individuals everywhere.

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