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Posted on July 18 2014

There’s a new face in the New York rap scene, and his name is Bobby Shmurda. The 20-year-old Brooklyn native started getting Internet recognition earlier this year with his “Shmoney Dance” that spread over the web like wildfire. So much so, that even Hova himself, while performing at Met-Life stadium, at one point switched the lyrics from “F**k with me you know I got it,” to “Come Shmoney Dance with the goodfella’s.” But this young rapper is gaining appreciation for more than just his eccentric dance skills. His song “Hot N***a” has gone from 450,000 views in late June, to now over 2,268,000 hits and rising. Shmurda represents the new breed of up-and-coming New York rappers straying away from the 1990’s sound that typically defines rap from the area. He also has a nice stop-and-go flow that’s refreshing to hear from a New York rapper, and his lyrics keep it real. He offers up a voice for the youth of Brooklyn, similar to that of Chief Keef to Chicago. Keep your ears to the streets, because we’re definitely going to be hearing more from this guy.

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