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Posted on June 04 2014

Last night's show #AudioVision at Reed Space was a meeting of two creative minds: visual artist Naturel and music producer !llmind.  Curated by Esteban Serrano and co-sponsored by Heineken, the event got a bit sweaty, but was a dope mix of people that packed the house!  Thanks to everyone who rolled through! Peep the Pre-Cap/Re-Cap video by Esteban Serrano below. AudioVision006AudioVision003 AudioVision004 AudioVision005 AudioVision007 AudioVision008AudioVision011 AudioVision012 AudioVision013 AudioVision014 AudioVision015AudioVision017 AudioVision018 AudioVision019 AudioVision020AudioVision022AudioVision025AudioVision027 AudioVision028 AudioVision029 AudioVision030 AudioVision031 AudioVision032 AudioVision033 AudioVision034 AudioVision035 AudioVision036 AudioVision037 AudioVision038 AudioVision039 AudioVision040 AudioVision041 AudioVision042 AudioVision043 AudioVision044 AudioVision045 AudioVision046 AudioVision047 AudioVision048AudioVision050 AudioVision051AudioVision054 AudioVision055 AudioVision057 AudioVision058 AudioVision059AudioVision061AudioVision063 AudioVision064 AudioVision065 AudioVision066 AudioVision067 AudioVision068 AudioVision069AudioVision072AudioVision074AudioVision077 AudioVision078 AudioVision079 AudioVision080 AudioVision081 AudioVision082 AudioVision083 AudioVision084 AudioVision085AudioVision087AudioVision089 AudioVision090 AudioVision091AudioVision096AudioVision099

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