Posted on May 16 2014

Staple's Founder and Creative Director jeffstaple flew the NYC coop and traveled down to Atlanta this Tuesday to engage in a two-part series with a well-respected retailer of Staple's, Wish ATL. The first day of the events, titled #WishxStaple, included a lecture by jeffstaple at the High Museum, the leading art museum in the South. Over 175 people were in attendance for the talk, and 10 eager aspiring entrepreneurs enlisted in a private portfolio review afterwards that ended up going into overtime, with the workshop spilling out into the High Museum's courtyard until midnight. The first 50 people to arrive received a limited edition WishxStaple tee exclusive to the event, and the first 100 received the gift of a Staple hat.  Speaking to a crowd of predominantly young, aspiring brand owners, jeffstaple stressed the take-home message; that "Impossible is Temporary" – a lesson learned in his experience as a young person overcoming obstacles in becoming an entrepreneur, and building the Staple brand from the ground up against all odds. Part two of #WishxStaple was the filming of the next episode of the "1-2-1 w/ jeffstaple" series and featured rapper/musician B.O.B., an Atlanta native. The interview was held at Wish's retail location in Little Five Points on the following afternoon where an intimate group of about 30 people were able to sit in on the taping.  Of all the rap artists who emerged from Atlanta during the late 2000s, B.o.B -- who was only 17 when he signed his first major-label record deal -- was one of the most unique. His borderline eccentricity and artistic mind, belied by his music's conventional Dirty South sound, raised his stock above his Southern comparisons and welcomed comparisons to OutKast (specifically that group's offbeat half, André 3000). B.o.B also chose his partners wisely, scoring a handful of Top 40 singles during 2010 by collaborating with vocalists like Rivers Cuomo, Hayley Williams, and Bruno Mars.  jeffstaple and B.O.B. touched on many topics including the Creative Process, Privacy, Collaboration, among others.  The "1-2-1 w/ jeffstaple" episode featuring B.O.B. will air on in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Staple would like to thank everyone who came out to the #WishxStaple events, the entire Wish team, as well as the High Museum for the incredible Southern Hospitality! WishxStaple WishxStaple_1 WishxStaple_11 WishxStaple_10 WishxStaple_9 WishxStaple_8 WishxStaple_7 WishxStaple_6 WishxStaple_5 WishxStaple_4 WishxStaple_3 WishxStaple_2 WishxStaple_14 WishxStaple_13 WishxStaple_15 WishxStaple_17 WishxStaple_27 WishxStaple_26 WishxStaple_24 WishxStaple_23 WishxStaple_22 WishxStaple_21 WishxStaple_18 WishxStaple_20 WishxStaple_19 WishxStaple_25

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