jeffstaple-complex Complex reached out to some of the top fashion designers in the industry to see what tips they might have for any aspiring creatives looking to enter the field. Streetwear giants and high-fashion industry icons alike shared some of their rules for success. Check out jeffstaple's response below and read up on the rest of the rules over on Complex Style. Rule #1: Know your profits and losses. "Person A has a clothing line that generates $10 million a year in gross sales. But after he factors in losses/expenses, the 'net income' of that clothing line is actually –$100,000. (Note the negative sign!) Person B has a clothing that generates only $800,000 a year in gross sales. After he factors in his losses/expenses, his "net income" is +$100,000. Person B runs a tighter ship. Many people would rather choose to be Person A because they can walk around and say 'I have a $10 million dollar company!' But look under the hood. The smart money is on Person B. It doesn't matter how hot your brand might be. The math doesn't lie."  

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