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Posted on March 21 2014

jeffstaple sits down with Scott Jordan, Founder of SCOTTEVEST. Known for the integration of electronics and wearable computers into clothing, SCOTTEVEST has infused the hoodie with gadget-friendly features. The Knowmatic Hoodie includes the highly engineered pockets that SCOTTEVEST is known for, and many other unique touches that convert it into a mobile command center for the Knowmatic lifestyle. SCOTTEVEST brings their tech-ready clothing creations to a new level by teaming up with jeffstaple of Staple Design and Reed Space to create the world’s most fashionable and functional hoodie: The Knowmatic Hoodie. It’s designed with hip, electronically-connected, on-the-go and in-the-know “nomads” in mind, hence the name “Knowmatic.” Debuting as an extremely limited release item, only 300 Knowmatic Hoodies will be available at and 50 more through jeffstaple’s iconic NYC boutique, Reed Space. The Knowmatic Hoodie is the perfect union of cutting-edge fashion and TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® functionality, including tech and travel features never found in one piece of clothing. Directly inspired by early 20th century dazzle camouflage - used to distort the shape of WWII Navy ships - the exterior pattern is unique to this limited edition item and was designed by jeffstaple. “Wearable tech enables the constant connectivity required to work and play while on the go, and this is the only hoodie that has everything you need to embrace that always-on lifestyle,” said Scott Jordan. “This is THE hoodie for the tech-savvy and fashion-forward.” What makes the Limited Edition Knowmatic Hoodie special? - 15 pockets to store all your urban adventure gear. Some exterior, some interior, some secret/hidden, and all designed with SeV’s patented PAN (Personal Area Network) allowing power and headphone wires to travel from pocket to pocket - Adjustable hood with built-in “DO NOT DISTURB” eye mask flap for when you need to grab some ZZZs in flight - Handwarmer pockets with magnetic closures so you don’t lose your change while breakdancing - A PadPocket™ to carry your iPad or other phablet device for impromptu art sketching whenever inspiration strikes - Clear-touch fabric phone/gadget pocket, so you can text and run apps without ever taking your smartphone out of the pocket - Eyeglass pocket made of chamois fabric for cleaning your shades. *** Available exclusively at and ***

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