Posted on October 08 2013

image-590x590 As some of you might know, one of our Staple/Reed Space family members recently had their newborn child diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. The #LoveForLeni campaign has gotten a ton of support from people all over the world! Tonight, Tuesday October 8th, we are hosting a special fundraiser at Reed Space. We reached out to a few of our talented and well-connected friends to contribute a few items for a silent auction. The word spread…and what we now have is something REALLY SPECIAL. This could be one of the greatest group exhibitions ever held!!! And all in the name of a 5-month old baby girl named Leni Hsiao. I want to thank each and everyone that made a contribution (though I’ll probably miss 1 or 2 of you)! Aaron De La Cruz, Ai Fukasawa, Allister Lee, Amanda Lopez, Architecture For Dogs, Budnitz Bikes, Baron Von Fancy, Becomb, Benjamin Lai, Bill McMullen, Billi Kid, BK The Artist, B+, Cern, PERFEKT WORLD, Clarks, Claw Money, Col Wallnuts, Daniel Racz, Dave White, Dorothy Hong, Eileen San Felipe, The Fader Magazine/Cornerstone, Gabe Yeh, Handselecta, Indie184, Isabel Lasala, La Colombe Coffee, Jason Woodside, Jay Box, Jean Kuo, Jehdy Vargas, Jerkface, Jessica Rivas, Jill Lee, J.J. L’Heureux, Joe Buck, Theme Magazine/EMEHT, Brent Rollins, Che Jen, Logan Hicks, Deaane Cheuk, David Zucco aka Rekal, Jonathan Mannion, Ka & MTK, Kenzo Minami, Levi Maestro, Linkin Park, Mai Ikuzawa, Sophnet, Stash, New Era, Complete Technique, Raphael Tanghal, Alelli Tanghal, Romeo Rex, Nike, Jordan Brand, Rich Tu, Burn Rubber Detroit, Reebok, Robfokused, Romon Yang/Rostarr, Royce Bannon, Sam Rodriguez, Sam Sieger, Sean Farris, Sebago, Shantell Martin, Sofia Maldonado, Sophia Chang, SP One, Talib Kweli, Puma, Tom Bassett, Toki Collection, UR New York, VickiPages, Pearl Jam, Adam Glickman, Sayori Wada, Eric Haze, Erika Perez, Faile, Gabriel Urist, Vashtie Kola, David Flinn, Kevin Lyons, Supreme, Gilf!, Jen Lu, Warby Parker and MORE……..Damn……..a true Positive Social Contagion. Now we need YOU GUYS to come out and support! BID! BUY! Cuz 100% of these proceed will go to Leni. #LoveForLeni Silent Auction Fundrasier Tuesday October 8th. 7-9pm. Reed Space 151 Orchard Street, NYC RSVP:

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