Posted on September 16 2013

For Mass Appeal's 53rd issue, School Boy Q and Mac Miller not only got the cover, but they blessed us by rocking some Staple! photo 2 School Boy Q (left) Rocking the Venderberg Tee and Mac Miller (right) rocking the Edgar Raglan Knit Heather Grey. photo 1 Mac Miller (left) rocking the Training Shorts Also in the new issue of Mass Appeal is "A Common Thread," the story of how Staple founder jeffstaple and graphic designer Grotesk met as young creatives in NYC and how their lives unfolded since then. photo 4 Coincidentally, jeff and Grotesk met in '99 through Mass Appeal. Grotesk was asked to give a list of "Ten People You Should Know That's Going to Become the Next Generation" and jeffstaple was on the list. Over time, they became the faces of what many people see as the Mount Rushmore of streetwear. In the article, they stress how the opportunity they had was all due to chance – essentially being in the right place at the right time. But one thing they didn't really say is that while they happened to be in the right place right time, they took advantage of the opportunity presented to them, which is something a lot of people who live in NYC take for granted.  And they traveled.  Yes, we are living in an internet-driven society, but nothing can replace one-to-one interactions by going to these stores and soaking it all in. The atmosphere, the culture, the'll only get so far behind a computer desk. Back in the day, meeting with the artists and future designers and picking their brains was how you remained inspired and in the culture. So with that said, stop reading this and go out and explore! photo 5

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