Posted on August 22 2013

Hypebeast caught up with Jeff and Russ to ask them a few questions. Here are some of Jeff's answers. Full article HERE What are things your brand are pushing hard upcoming? It’s important everything that comes out has the same mission. Our main goal for the rest of the year is the main line and make it really dope. A lot of people put focus on special projects and collaborations. They bring good energy but you need a good foundation. From the dialog, it’s going well thanks to feedback on social media and retailers etc. Collaborations are a lot of my personal interests like Mike Tyson’s collabo, which will see another fall collection on the way. For holiday we’re working with sneaker-inspired painter Dave White based around cut & sew and a capsule collection with 13THWITNESS which will be big on graphics. What are trends that are their way out or things Staple Design would stay clear of? We don’t look at trends and see what’s on their way out. We look at what is “Staple” and what isn’t. The whole football jersey thing is big with the name/numbers with the black leather thing… they sort of go together. Is that Staple? Can Staple do it? Can we do it well? We think yes but the million dollar question, “is it Staple?” At the end of the day it’s not core to what we believe in. It’s not that it’s not a worthy trend but rather should we do it. A lot of retailers had said if you do it we’ll buy a ton of it but it’s not us. Another good example are things like weed leaves and blunts. Stuff like that is just not inherently Staple and it becomes a slippery slope. A pigeon with a weed leaf then what next? A naked girl? You’ll end up always chasing. Any last words? Shout out to all the commenters on Hypebeast.

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