We are psyched to release the full Spring Collection in its entirety in S.E.A. This season’s theme on training has inspired us to look at various disciplines and their art forms. Ever wondered what it takes for a dancer to hold the stage or a DJ to command the crowd at every drop of the beat? Wonder we did. With our photographer, Kevin Lee, we put together a little shoot featuring DJ Stanley (AOS) and Lana Sveta (Dancer, Pilates instructor) in STAPLE’s Spring Collection 13 , out and about in Singapore’s concrete jungle. We did a couple of shoots with DJ Stanley; a resident of Australia, one sixth of the AOS crew, DJ Stanley has travelled widely to grace the decks of many top notch clubs and is most modest when we mentioned about his four times crowning during the Australia DMC championships. I met Lana at a dance class in town when she first relocated from NYC to Singapore. Originally from Russia, Lana is versed in jazz, ballroom and hiphop and now a proud part owner of a Pilates clinic in Camden Medical Singapore. Training in their craft is a must, in fact all day long, tirelessly. What is elemental is their commitment to making it work, pride in their craft and the feel good vibe they exude ALL the time. Attitude comes first, then technique. Meet them and you will know 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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