17 Mins W/ Detroit's Finest: B-Ez (@ezthaill1)

Posted on July 03 2017

17 Mins W/ Detroit's Finest: B-Ez (@ezthaill1)

Who Are You?

B-EZ. I’m a Father, a husband, and a comedian from Detroit, Michigan. I started out creating skits on Instagram. Now I’ve transitioned into stand-up comedy.

How did you get the name “B-EZ”?

All of my family and friends always called me B. When I was rapping I added the “Ez” to my name. I haven’t recorded in a few years because I’m retired now to focus on comedy. You can still check out my Soundcloud “ezthaill1 Ha! I got some fire on there still!

What’s it like to live in Detroit?

It’s tough and crazy, the whole world is crazy anyway, but Detroit is a different animal. You have to be able to HUSTLE. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. You need street smarts to know how to move right; you don’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Something as simple as you wanting to be able to go to the gas station and pump gas, but you also have to know WHEN, WHERE and HOW to go to the gas station! If people believe you have some kind of status they start to look at you a little different. Even though you're a regular dude, you can’t be going out acting like you’re invincible. My wife is my ace so she always got my back and makes sure I’m out here covered.

How has Detroit shaped your comedy?

This is a city where you see everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s hilarious - Crackheads arguing and doing unimaginable things, Baby Mamas and Baby Daddies out here in the streets fighting, and the way people try to holler at women “Aye yo, Blue Dress!” People say I’m a hood comedian. I just take those daily situations I see and turn them into comedy. The more genuine it is, the funnier the joke comes off. Also the city is cut throat when you're in the entertainment business. They'll let you know if you're funny or not, quick.

What’s an example of one of those situations?

It’s always something. I remember one time a crackhead was trying to fix his momma’s furnace. Everybody just kept telling him “Dawg, we think you should just let a professional do it. Don’t go touch it!” He went ahead and did it anyway and the furnace BLEW UP! All of his facial hair, his hairline and everything was blown off. He ain’t have no eyebrows, no moustache, nothing. It’s like when you fall off your bike and scrape your knee and your skin is all pink .  .  . that was his face. Crackheads have about 20 lives, so the NEXT DAY he's out fixing stuff AGAIN. Mind you it's 20 degrees outside in Michigan, and he just had a furnace blow his face up. No hat, gloves, or nothing on, and he got Vaseline slapped all over his face trying to cover the burn up. We were crying laughing.

If you could headline with any Comedian who would it be & why?

People talk about Richard Pryor, but I feel Dave Chappelle is the GOAT. I’d love to smoke something with Dave before hopping on stage and getting some gems of the game dropped on me.

If you could have a roast session with any celebrity who would it be?

LeBron James. I’d have to go in on him. I respect him, but I have to throw my Kobe and Jordan jokes on him because he’s not the GOAT yet! I’d have to just get on that hairline real quick too. If I had to choose a comedian, it would be Kevin Hart. I feel like I would win. He’s too small to beat me in a roast session.

What’s your biggest fear?

Failure. I have to make it. Stand up was also one of my fears which I faced recently. Somebody hit me on Instagram one day and offered me a paid gig. I looked at it like “F-ck it” I would be crazy if I didn’t take the opportunity. When I’m making videos I can see feedback from the comments after I’ve edited and refined it. Going up in front of a crowd full of people is different. It's make or break. Careers can be ended in a bad stand up, so it’s one shot, one kill. I’m glad I did it though, it's opened up new doors for me. I’m doing stand up twice a week now.

Anything else the world needs to know about you?

I’m coming to be the best of all time when all is said and done. I’m trying to “Take Over The World” like Pinky & the Brain.

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